Maharashtra: Leopard kills woman in Arjuni village

Last month even an eight-year-old boy was also attacked by a Leopard in Arjuni village.

The animal-human conflict in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is sadly increasing day after day , where today one more person being killed at Arjuni village in the Warora tehsil, Maharashtra.

Tarabai Shrirame, age-48 was attacked by a leopard on 14 December Friday in the noon when she was busy plucking cotton in a farm.

This is fifth leopard attack in the past 42 days in the area, two others being from Ramdegi in the neighbouring Chimur tehsil.

With the two places being only about three kilometres apart aerially, chances are that all five victims were attacked by the same animal.
“We have pugmarks and camera trap pictures of the animal and it appears to be the same at both the places. Our staff says it’s a female,” says Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) field director N R Pravin said.